5 Tips For The New Stay-At-Home Mom

After having my first daughter I wanted to stay at home with her in the worst way, but it wasn’t in our family’s plan at the time. I eventually went back to work after my maternity leave had ended and I adjusted to being a working mom. Two years pass by quickly and I am pregnant with our second daughter. Being a stay-at-home mom is now an option and without thinking twice, I chose to resign from my job shortly before my daughter was born because I want that time to bond with her and my oldest daughter. Now that a few months pass by, I am feeling that I have lost my identity being that I have not returned back to work. I went to college and started working immediately after my internship. Working was all that I knew for the longest time. After feeling this way I decided to make a few changes and make the most out of my situation. Let’s be honest, I was extremely fortunate to be able to stay at home with my daughters to experience every minute of their early years. We know that not everyone is given that option. If you are new at being a stay-at-home mom and finding yourself struggling with your new role, here a few tips that may help your situation!

  1. Find your tribe. I joined a local moms group and it helped us tremendously. Not only did my daughters make new friends, but I made new mom friends as well!

  2. Set a daily routine. It’s so important to follow a normal routine. Treat your day as a “work day” to make the most of each day at home with your children.

  3. Schedule time with adults during times when your husband can watch your kids or when you have a babysitter available! You will need that time to interact with other adults since you will be spending most of your time interacting with your children!

  4. Make time for you. (e.g. Attend a yoga class, go to Target ALONE, take a book to Starbucks and spend your evening there)

  5. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask family or friends for help! You are only one person and most family and friends would love to spend time with your children if asked!

11 thoughts on “5 Tips For The New Stay-At-Home Mom

  1. I’m a recent stay at home mom and never planned on it but am so happy that I am! We get out all the time but I’m DREADING winter as I will feel so cooped up. Not to mention getting kids dressed UGH lol

    1. I dread the winter and I think my kids feel the same! We are used to getting out of the house almost every day. It is so much more difficult to dress them for winter!

  2. YES!! Make time for ME is something i have struggled with for some long but, have finally realized how necessary it actually is! This post is awesome mama!! <3

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